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Sticky Gel Citrus Felguhreinsir

Sticky Gel Citrus Felguhreinsir

Searching for the best most efficient and safe Citrus based wheel and rim cleaner that will actually stick to your rim without dripping?


Citrus Based Sticky Wheel Gel is…………….simply amazing.


Chemical Guys Sticky Gel Citrus Wheel Cleaner is ideal for all wheels. The unmatched and unique gel formula helps clings to the wheels, so the formula doesn't just run down the wheel quickly. The increased time in contact with the wheel allows the Sticky Gel to continuously break down road grime, break dust, etc.


Spray it on your wheels and you can just rinse away the loosened contaminants. For more stubborn stains re-spray the area and agitate with a soft cloth or sponge. The pH neutral formula is safe on virtually every wheel finish so you can use it with confidence, even on high end after market wheels. You can use it full strength for maximum cleaning power, but we recommend diluting it down to a 5:1 ratio of water to cleaner. Diluting this product gives you over 80 ounces of cleaning solution (with the 16 oz size) so it's a tremendous value. Get the most out of your cleaning efforts with the safe and easy to use Chemical Guys Sticky Gel Citrus Wheel Cleaner.

This is a factory approved way to remove brake dust safely and effectively. The product can be diluted 5:1 which means one bottle will be enough for 1 liter of alloy wheel cleaner. Use it more concentrated for heavier deposits, the choice is yours.

  • great for all wheels and rims
  • factory approved way to remove corrosive brake dust from alloy wheels
  • tire and wheel cleaner as well as excellent medium duty cleaner
  • can be diluted for various cleaning needs
  • easy to use

Sticky Gel Citrus Based Wheel & Rim Cleaner:

  • dissolves grease without the risk of damaging the wheel.
  • highly effective wheel cleaner that safely removes brake dust, oxidation, oil, dirt and rust without brushing.
  • unique non Hydrofluoric Acid formula makes painted wheels shine like new.
  • spray-on, wipe off, no scrubbing necessary. No-harsh scent.
  • perfect for pressure washing and parts cleaning in concentrate.
  • always dilute first for desired cleaning strength
  • recommended dilution is 1 part product 7 parts water (mix 1 gallon of products with 7 gallons water)



NOTE: This product is Concentrated and needs to be diluted 1 16oz bottle of Sticky Gel Wheel & Rim Cleaner mixes with up to 2 liters of water before use....translation: you get a great deal!