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NEW CAR HIGH SHINE PREMIUM Interior & Exterior Dressing

NEW CAR HIGH SHINE PREMIUM Interior & Exterior Dressing

Developed for dealerships and detailing professionals New Car High shine Dressing is a premium dressing designed for use on both exterior and interior surfaces of automobiles, trucks, RV's and boats. Refined to OEM standards the all new formation contains special a patented ingredient that enables it to rapidly penetrate leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces delivering a high shine durable finish that is dry to the touch and non-greasy. . The result is maximum protection and long-lasting, rich gloss. In addition, the pleasant scent incorporated in this deluxe dressing heightens worker satisfaction with the performance and quality you expect from all Chemical Guys Products.  Designed for professional use and enthusiast enjoyment New car High Shine Dressing delivers durable UV protection to dashboards, vinyl, rubber, tires and even dark plastic surfaces.

Ideal fro use on:

 Vinyl Tops
 Door Panels
 Vinyl Seats
 Door Moldings


New Surface Premium Shine Dressing and Conditioner

  • 100% dry to the touch never greasy
    water-based natural look dressing.
  • leaves surfaces supple and protected against damaging UV radiation.
  • cleans, protects and beautifies in one easy step.
  • gently wipes away light traces of dirt while you apply.
  • patented UV absorber penetrates and acts as a protective barrier against harmful rays that cause premature aging, cracking, fading and peeling.
  • premium new car pleasantly scented
  • engineered to work like a lotion soaking into new and dry, vinyl aiding in prolonging and strengthening the surface.
  • great for vinyl convertible tops, boat cushions, leather and vinyl motorcycle seats, tires and vinyl furniture.