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Latex Hanskar Latex Hanskar
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Hex Logic Pad White 5,5" Hex Logic Pad White 5,5
Svampur til að bera á dekk Svampur til að bera á dekk
Clay Bar Grár Clay Bar Grár
Rekstrarvörur Rekstrarvörur
Top Coat Sealant + 3x Carnauba Top Coat Sealant + 3x Carnauba
Þrýstikútur 10 ltr. Þrýstikútur 10 ltr.

Svampur til að bera á dekk

Svampur til að bera á dekk

Durafoam DUOfoam Applicators:

  • Superior product application and spread with every wipe
  • Reduces product waste
  • No more run's, drips or waste
  • Kicks major buttocks
  • Washable and re-usable

applicator pads

DURAFOAM DuoFoam- pads are constructed with 2 different foam densities and contour to your tire for superior even spreading and minimal product waste.

DURAFOAM DuoFoam-  has rigid tough durafoam which is perfect for easy griping which keeps your hands clean. The black inside foam is a contoured applicator designed and contoured to spread the dressing perfectly onto  tire's and sidewalls.


Re-use them as many times as you like or use Chemical Guys Pad Cleaner to rinse them clean for storage. Foam Tire Dressing Applicators are washable and reusable.